ORGANIC POTTING SOIL is blended with FERTRELL’s fertilizers and minerals. It has the wetting agent (Coconut Coir Fiber) already in it. Just open the bag and put it in the plant cells – no need to mix your individual ingredients together. Spring special is reduced $2.00 per 2.8 Cu.Ft. bag. Bulk bags are available.

SOIL MINERALIZER consist of calcium, phosphate, potassium, sulfur and seaweed, plus other trace minerals. Spring special is $25.50 per 50# bag.

BERRY MIX will help prevent winter freeze and give you BIGGER and BETTER TASTING berries. Spring price is $33. per 50#. Spreads @ 2#/100 sq. ft.

WIGGLE WORM worm casting has our Aragonite (fast utilization calcium) and Azomite (67 different trace minerals) mixed in each 30# bag. Price is $23.00 this Spring.

BLUEBIRD COMPOST, also has our Aragonite and Azomite added to each bag. Price is $13.00 this Spring.


The Fertrell Company is the oldest producer of organic fertilizers & feed supplements in the United States.

Celebrating 70 years 1946 – 2016

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements

Fertrell products are listed on the site linked below or call 816-215-9925 since we cover Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas distribution from our warehouse in Buckner, Mo. To find the dealer closest to you, enter your ZIP code after you log on to Fertrell.com.