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Nixall is a natural disinfectant/cleanser. Anywhere people have used bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cider vinegar or Benadryl , they can use Nixall whether cleaning a counter top or spraying in an open wound. Nixall is electrolyzed oxygenated water which is the same that our white blood cells create in our blood stream (Hypochlorous Acid, Ph=6.5) to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, E-Coli, pollens, Listeria, poison ivy, etc. that gets into our blood. It is an oxygenator and moisturizer to the skin. Every time lightning strikes the ocean, hypochlorous acid is created. Nixall comes in several labels:

1. Disinfectant and Sanitizer
2. Cleanser (weaker solution than #1) Household or farm usage
3. PetResponse (for any animal usage) kills dog mange or hot spots, neuteralizes odors, shiny coats and open wound treatments.
4. First Aid Solution – is used in any clinic or personal use for skin irritants, burns, cuts, insect bites, chiggers, mosquitos or blemishes.
5. Greener Touch – is used to preserve cut flowers or hydrating spray for flowers and plants.

Mission Statement for Seriously Clean LTD.

OUR WHY: Everything we do is focused on helping people have better lives in an increasingly contaminated world and we believe that our success will have a tremendous impact on the health of people all around the world. Our Company and people are environmentally conscious and proud to be so and pass that character on to all we have the privilege to encounter along the way. We are stewards of the land, outdoorsman, farmers, gardeners, ranchers , who appreciate the opportunity to be able to do what we do. Why…because we care about these issues like you, our customer.

OUR HOW: The way we stay focused is by manufacturing to our high moral standards, which means that we produce a product as safe, pure and environmentally sound as possible. A product that protects us better than any competitor. A product that we know we can safely and proudly use on ourselves and our family.

Our What. Nixallâ„¢